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Healthcare & Life Sciences

Rooted in Research

As the county’s two largest employers, Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist and Novant Health sit at the epicenter of the healthcare and life sciences sector. The healthcare industry is booming in Forsyth County thanks to an extensive network of local care providers. These medical centers offer expertise in more than 100 areas of medicine, including specialties in cancer treatment, pediatrics, neurology and more.

With excellent medical programs at Wake Forest’s School of Medicine, students are fast-tracked to successful careers in healthcare and related fields. The Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine is an international leader in translating scientific discovery into clinical therapies. Its interdisciplinary team of about 400 researchers works to engineer replacement tissues and organs, and develop healing cell therapies. WFIRM also fosters innovation through shared lab space, allowing companies like ProKidney to grow their research and biomanufacturing operations here. New innovators like Javara Research, focused on integrating clinical research within the healthcare ecosystem, and KeraNetics, the global leader in keratin medical products, are also thriving in Winston-Salem’s innovative ecosystem.

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Is Healthcare & Life Sciences the Right Industry for You?

You may be interested in the healthcare industry if you have a passion for making a difference in others’ lives. Skills needed to thrive in the healthcare industry include communication, empathy, attention to detail, and critical thinking. As medical technologies continue to expand, employees in this field will want to increase technical proficiencies, in addition to requirements related to ethics and safety.

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Below are some of the most in-demand Healthcare & Life Science jobs in Forsyth County