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A Hotbed for High Tech

Technological companies and new startups hit their stride in Winston-Salem, where entrepreneurs are encouraged and supported by local programs, funds and groups. Winston-Salem’s entrepreneurial ecosystem fosters a sense of creative growth among self-starters. Ranked the No. 1 City for Small Business Growth by WalletHub in 2019, Winston-Salem is home to strong infrastructure and a network of connections to help you grow your business. Technology companies thrive in incubator and accelerator programs like Flywheel, an innovative coworking space that offers workshops, panel discussions and other resources, Winston Starts, a startup incubator designed to support local entrepreneurs, and the Center for Creative Economy, focused on growing creative emerging companies. Tech companies here are developing software solutions across numerous industries including healthcare, research, block chain technologies, cybersecurity, and many more.

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Is Technology the Right Industry for You?

You may be interested in information technology if you have analytical abilities and enjoy problem-solving. Skills needed to thrive in the technology field include technical skills such as network configuration, coding, and database management. Essential skills including communication, organization, and resourcefulness are equally important in this industry.

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Below are some of the most in-demand Tech jobs in Forsyth County