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Forsyth Tech Increases Completion Rates and Narrows Equity Gaps

Forsyth Tech has successfully leveraged the strategic planning process to redesign student advising and support services, achieving remarkable improvements in student completion rates and equity outcomes.

This transformative initiative, detailed in a recent case study by Elizabeth Holcombe and Ángel de Jesus Gonzalez from the Pullias Center for Higher Education, underscores Forsyth Tech’s commitment to enhancing the student experience and promoting success for all students.

The case study, titled “Change Leadership Toolkit: Forsyth Technical Community College,” highlights how President Janet Spriggs and her team implemented the ‘Student Experience of Onboarding’ Project. This project was a cornerstone of Forsyth Tech’s strategic plan, focusing on creating a more supportive and streamlined onboarding process for new students.

Key achievements of the project include:

  • Increased Overall Completion Rates: The overall completion rate at Forsyth Tech improved to 31%, a significant increase that reflects the effectiveness of the new advising and support services.
  • Narrowed Equity Gaps: The completion rate gap for Black students decreased by 15 percentage points, showcasing a substantial advancement in educational equity.
  • Higher Completion Rates for Hispanic/Latino Students: Hispanic/Latino students now complete their programs at higher rates than White students, an outcome that underscores Forsyth Tech’s success in fostering an inclusive and supportive educational environment.

“These results are show the dedication and hard work of our faculty and staff,” said President Janet Spriggs. “By focusing on the student experience and implementing strategic changes in our advising and support services, we have made significant strides in improving completion rates and closing equity gaps. We are proud of the progress we have made and remain committed to ensuring that all students at Forsyth Tech have the support they need to succeed.”

The ‘Student Experience of Onboarding’ Project is part of Forsyth Tech’s broader effort to enhance student success through data-informed decision-making and innovative practices. The success of this initiative serves as a model for other institutions aiming to improve student outcomes and promote equity in higher education.

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